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TIMS is an innovative inventory management system that would revolutionize bus and rail travel management and distribution in Africa.

TIMS connects bus and rail service stakeholders to more value through a unified travel platform that leverages on excellent technology for inventory management, distribution and seamless payment solutions.

Our ambition is to expand the frontiers of innovation and shape a new narrative for the bus and rail travel sector in Africa through enduring collaborations that deliver the best possible experience for our partners and customers.

Our Mission
Leading the frontiers of innovation in bus and rail travel management in Africa, simplifying processes and securing stakeholders benefits.

Our Vision
To create a platform that would unify, drive a sustainable change and revolutionize the bus and rail travel industry in Africa through cutting edge technology and innovation.

Core Value
  • Innovation
  • Service Delivery
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
An operator refers to the bus and rail Company or vendor who owns and operates a ground transport outfit.
Operator Administrator
An operator Administrator is the lead Admin who has the right to decide on user and items for creation on the platform on behalf of the bus and rail operator.
Operator Inventory Officer
This user creates inventory on the platform for the operator.
Terminal Administrator
This user manages routes and inventory for assigned terminal.
Terminal Inventory Officer
This user can create all items of inventory for the terminal he works from.
Terminal Ticketing Officer
The Terminal Ticketing Officer makes service bookings for customers at the terminal.
Terminal On-boarding Officer
The on-boarding boards passengers to a vehicle using a special boarding device on the platform.
Reseller Officer
The reseller officer represents other distribution channels involved in the sale of the services of other bus and rail operators.
  • Access to real time updates on bookings from every branch, terminal, and sales channels
  • Increase in overall capacity utilization and customer acquisition through a robust selection of sales channels.
  • Easy and secure cash management and payment processes.
  • Affordable distribution costs with low implementation fees, and reduced partner management cost.
  • TIMS allows operators to maintain control of their data with advanced technology.
  • TIMS offers complete control of schedules, sales, settlement, remittance and business operations.
  • TIMS exposes services of bus and rail operators to a wider channel for sales of the operators’ inventories
  • Automation of check-in and on-boarding of passengers through TIMS on-boarding Android app.
  • Elimination of ticket racketeering and cash fraud.
  • Lower cost on integration, supply acquisition, management and processing.
  • Increased revenue profile through product portfolio expansion into the under-serviced intercity and regional bus and rail market
  • Regulators enjoy access to the e-manifest which contains information of all passengers on every trips booked on the platform.
  • Regulators gain access to revenue information of the Operators for proper tax collections and reconciliation.
  • Retailers get access to sell from real-time inventories of Operators on TIMS, including vehicles, cargo and charter.


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Plot 8 Eleghusi Beach Road, by Ikate Round About, Lekki, Lagos